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In this article we explain how you can import a customer base into Salonized.

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Did you previously work with a different software program or do you manage your customers in an excel file? Then you can import that customer base into Salonized. We can read in the following file types: .csv, .xls and .xlsx.

Are you unable to figure it out entirely? Then check whether the file meets the following points.

> What can we import?

For customers we can import the following data:

∙ NAC data (name, address, city)

∙ One telephone number and one mobile phone number

∙ Email address

∙ Date of birth

∙ Sex

∙ Greeting

∙ Number of loyalty points

∙ Note (1 note field, so there is room for 1 note, such as "coffee 2 sugar")

History of customers unfortunately cannot be imported into Salonized. The reason for this is it's technically different in every program. History in Salonized is always connected to other parts of the program, such as an appointment, an invoice or an event. History from other programs therefore cannot be read.

Delivery specifications

Salonized can import customer files that are structured as follows:

Only the first and last name fields are required. Other fields are optional.
If a first or last name is missing, the customer is skipped.

When the import has been completed, you will receive a confirmation by email. There is also a file added called "failed rows". These failed, for example, because the first or last name is missing or the e-mail address is incorrect. You can adjust these rows and re-import them.

Import the file

  • You will then see the following screen:

  • Upload your file. We support the following files to upload: .csv, .xls and .xlsx

  • Click Next Step in the top right.

You will now see an example of the imported data. With each column, you can manually select the data displayed below. Make sure that it is correct for each column. Sometimes, data may not be relevant within Salonized, in which case you can just ignore it.

Once you've done this, click on Start Import in the top right. Now you are finished! Your data will be imported and you will automatically receive an email when it is ready.

Why do I get an error message when uploading?

Do you get an error message while uploading? Below you will find solutions to prevent this problem.

Enter the customer data correctly

The first 10 lines must be entered correctly (see example under delivery specifications). 

Also make sure that the 'first name' and 'last name' columns are never blank. If you do not have a first or last name of the customer, you can always enter a dash (-) or a dot instead of a name.

In conclusion, it could also happen that the system is sensitive to special characters (§ðŠ¶Ç). Please try to avoid these characters.

Still having trouble? Feel free to contact us!

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