You can create multiple forms in Salonized. You can fill in these forms from an appointment or from a customer profile.

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You can create multiple forms in Salonized. You can fill in these forms directly from an appointment in the calendar, or from a customer profile.

In this article you will read where you create forms, such as an intake form, how to fill in the forms and how to find the completed forms.

Create a new form 

You can create a form in the settings page. In the left menu you will find Forms.
In the top right of this page you can create a new form via the blue button. Forms are shown in alphabetical order. 

Once you have clicked on "New Form" you enter the name of the form and the questions.

You can create more questions by clicking on 'add question'.

Change order of questions 

You can change the order of the questions by clicking on the arrows that go up or down.

Answer types

There are different answer types, which are further explained here:

  1. Open question: you get a field where you can type the answer manually

  2. Yes / no question: the question can only be answered with yes or no

  3. Multiple options, one answer: you select one option from a list of answer options

  4. Checkboxes: you select one or more options

Open question

Yes / no question

Multiple options, one answer


You can send a form digitally to a customer via e-mail or have the form sent automatically when a certain treatment is booked. Read this article to find out how to set this up.

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