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Have services booked on a specific day
Have services booked on a specific day

Learn how to use the settings in your account to have services booked on a specific (part of the) day

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Would you like to book a service only on a certain day or a certain part of the day? It is possible by changing some settings in your account.

Only make a service bookable on certain days

If you want to make a service bookable only a specific day and times, follow these steps.

  • Go to settings > calendar > services.

  • Select the service you want to make bookable on specific days.

  • In this window, click on "service is available on specific days and times":

In the following window you will see the days you and times you can select for the service to be available and bookable on those specific days;

Result: You have now created a service which is available on the specific days and times that you desired.

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