Would you like to book a service only on a certain day or a certain part of the day? It is possible by changing some settings in your account.

Only make a service bookable on certain days

Imagine you have a service for lash extensions and it can only be booked on Thursday evenings. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a (treatment) room via the resources page that you call "Thursday evening opening". Click here to learn how to create rooms.

  2. Indicate that you would like to manage the timetable for this room manually (in the room settings).

  3. Go to the timetable and make this room bookable only on Thursday evenings, for example from 18:00 to 21:00.

  4. On the services page you create a new service, in this example "Lash extensions".

  5. For the service you indicate that an additional resource is needed; a room. Select the correct treatment room (in this example "Thursday evening opening")

Result: now the treatment can only be booked online on Thursday evenings!

Costs of adding a resource

We charge £4,50 (appointments package) or £6,50 (basic and pro package) per month for every additional resource (room/tool) on top of the amount of your subscription.

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