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Using an online payment provider such as Stripe? Then invoices paid via that payment provider will appear on the filter "online"

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You can use an online payment provider such as Stripe, which allows you to let your customers pay online bookings in advance. 

For more information about these integration you can view the support page for Stripe.

In the Register you will find the Invoices tab. Here you will find all invoices that have been created in your Salonized account.

At the top of the page you will find a filter option. All invoices paid online (created and paid for via the Stripe integration) can be found at the filter "Online".

Invoices paid online can no longer be edited or deleted. To make a correction, you can create a credit invoice. Read how to create a credit invoice.


At the Reports page you will now find Online payments in the left column Payment methods. The total amount paid online since 01-01-2019 is no longer included in the payment type "Bank", but has its own category.

Because we've added "Online" as payment method in the right-hand column, the amount of outstanding (total amount outstanding for invoices) has been moved to the middle column "Overview".

An extra column "Online" has also been added to the export files Day totals and Orders (XLS / CSV) at the data export page (in the admin). This might affect the use of the .csv files for online accounting programs, please take this into account if necessary.

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