Cash up

Our new feature Cash Up ensures that you can easily prepare the cash register at the end of the day to get a report of the day.

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Short description of this feature | The Cash up makes it possible to open the register every morning, keeps track of transactions during the day and enables you to close the register at the end of the day. While preforming a cash up, you'll count all coins and notes. After that you'll fill in the bank deposit (amount you take out of the register). Salonized will calculate the cash float amount for tomorrow's drawer. All these details can be found in the Cash up Summary (end-of-day report). 

It is most common to perform a cash up every day, but it can also be done once a week for example. 


Cash up summary preview

Have you counted the cash and closed the cash register? Then Salonized makes a summary of the day. You can view this summary at any needed time in your account. Via the register, tab "cash ups", you'll find all summaries in chronological order.

Please note: cash up summaries can not be edited afterwards.

You'll see an example of the Cash Up below 👇

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