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Stock management for separate locations
Stock management for separate locations

Data like name, article number and price are managed for locations generally. Product stock is being recorded for separate locations.

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Data like the name, article number and price are managed for all locations generally. Your stock on the other hand is being recorded for the separate locations. This means you can edit prices for products for all locations at the same time. The stock for products are managed for each location separately.

On this page, we’ll explain how this works

The switch

The button to switch locations is located on the top right of the product page.

The location that is chosen in the agenda is automatically also chosen on the product page. Make sure, you have selected the correct location.

Adding a new product

A new product has to be added to the system once. This single product records the stock for all the different location.

You only need to manage the stock for a certain product in the locations in which you actually sell that product.

When adding a new product, you can activate the stock management.

You have to add the ‘initial stock’ and the ‘minimal stock’.

CAUTION! The ‘initial stock’ you add here will be linked to the location that is selected in the location switch.

If ‘Location A’ is selected in the switch, the initial stock will only be saved for that location. All the other locations won’t show an initial stock for the product yet.

Use the location switch to select a different location and add the initial stock for that location.

Editing the stock information

In most cases, the location switch is not being used very much. Most of the times, one of the locations is selected for most of the time, depending which location you work at.

We would still advise you to make sure that the correct location is selected when you edit stock information.

To view stock information it’s best to first choose a category on the left.

All products of that category will appear. You can also see which location you’re looking at.

If you want to edit the stock information you can click on the luggage icon on the right.

You can now edit the stock information.

If you like you can select a different location now to change the stock information for a product in that location.

Selling a product - Stock information

You have to select the correct location when checking out a product in the cash register. This determines for which location the stock information has to be edited.

If a product is not being sold in one of the locations the stock information doesn’t matter. You will still see the product in the product list for that location.

Editing the price of a product

Except for the stock information, all product information is being managed centrally.

That means you have to edit the following information just once:

  • price

  • name

  • EAN number

  • article number

  • category/ supplier

If you change any of these, the changes will be made for all locations at once.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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