There are several possibilities of adding products to Salonized. This help page guides you through the steps of importing a list of your current products. This can be done by uploading a .csv, .xls and .xlsx file.

Add Products by uploading a file

Most of the time, if you are currently using a different program, it is often possible to export a list of your current products as .csv or .xls file.

In addition to this, suppliers can often provide a list of the products you order as a csv or excel file.

  1. Go to Products

  2. Click on the Import symbol top right of the page

3. Upload your file. We currently support .xls, .xlsx and .csv files to upload

4. Click on Next Step, top right of the page

Now you will see an example of imported data. For every column manually add the category that fits the information of the product. So, for example for the column containing the name of the products, add the category name. Check that every category is assigned to the correct column. Sometimes no category fits to the information in a column. This means it is not possible to import this information into Salonized.

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