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A new delivery: update your stock
A new delivery: update your stock

Learn how, after creating a new stock order, you book the order after receiving the products.

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This page explains how to book a new order when you have received the products.
Read here how to create a new (automatic) order.

A new delivery: process the stock order

To book an order, go to the stock orders tab via the Products page. Search for the relevant order, click on it to open it, and then on the details page at the top right, click on "process" to immediately update the stock of all products on this order.

After you have clicked on "process", you will get a control panel/ confirmation screen. You see the quantity of each product you have ordered, this lets you check whether you have indeed received what you ordered.

If this number corresponds to the number of products received, click on "process" again in the upper right corner.


Does the number that you have ordered not match the number that you have received? In the first column, enter how much you actually received, so that the stock is correctly updated. If there is a difference between the number that you have received and the number that you have ordered, Salonized will ask you if you want to complete the order or save it as a Backorder until you receive the correct number.

If you have received the rest of your products, you can re-book these other products so that the entire order is processed and the stock of the products on the Backorder is also updated.

After you have placed the order, the stock of all products in the order is automatically updated.

Status of orders

On the Stock Orders overview page you will find a filter with different statuses at the top left.

  • Open: these are draft orders

  • Ordered: pending delivery

  • Completed: orders that have been processed

  • Paid: orders that have been processed and have received the status "paid"

  • Backorder: orders that have not been received in full, pending additional delivery.

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