Do (some of) your employees work at multiplen locations? You can manage this easily now with the multi location account. On this page we explain how this works.

Employees working at multiple locations

In the employee settings you can select the locations an employee works at.

The employee will appear in the schedules of the locations that have been selected.

You can add the employees working hours in there.

In the employee overview you can see which locations the employees are linked to.

Managing the schedule

For every employee you can choose whether you want to manage their schedule manually or have the opening hours of the location count as the employees working hours.

If the working hours of the employee are the same as the opening hours of the location, you don’t have to manage the employees working hours manually.

When adding a new employee, the opening hours of the location will be selected as working hours for the employee automatically. You can change that of course: you can choose a different location or you choose to manage the schedule manually.

As soon as you set up the right settings you can save them.

You can manage the schedule manually on the schedule page. The row for the employee that has the same working hours as the locations opening hours are marked with stripes.

The icon on the left in that row shows which location is selected as the working hours for the employee.

If you’re managing the working hours manually, you can add the employees working hours here. In case an employee is scheduled to work at another location you will see that in the schedule of a different location as well. These times are displayed in white. It’s not possible to schedule an employee in two locations at the same time.

If you do want to schedule an employee in two locations at the same time, you have to add that employee twice.

You can filter for different locations in the schedule. In the following example you see location Amsterdam. Amber works at location Amsterdam and location Haarlem. For Fridays she is scheduled to work at location Haarlem. This means she can’t be scheduled for location Amsterdam as well.

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