In our gift card widget, which you can add to your website to sell your gift card, you can now also add a product box. In this article we'll explain what that means and how it works.

The idea behind our Productbox comes from our users, what we see on social media and in newsletters. Because salons have had to close their doors because of the coronavirus, they are looking for other ways to generate income. For example, product packages are being sold online. We would like to technically support our customers and have therefore added the option of selling a product box to our gift card widget. 

What is a product box at Salonized?

You can currently create one product box in Salonized. After adding it, it will become visible in your gift card widget. You will need this widget on your website. Don't know the gift card widget yet, or don't use it yet? Then take a look at this article.

Your product box has a name, description and price. When a customer orders the product box online, the customer pays directly. For this you need an active payment provider (Stripe or Mollie) integrated, which is the same requirement for the gift card widget.

The product box is currently always connected to the gift cards widget and therefore you cannot sell the gift cards and the product box separately on your website. 

Create a product box

From this point on, we assume in this article that you have already added the gift card widget to your website. That is the first step you need to take. Haven't done that yet? Then take a look at this article first.

In your account you will find a new page within the "Promote" section: the Product box. Here you can create your product box.

Firstly, click the green button to create your product box. Fill in the name, description and price. The next step is to select an image for your product box. If you don't upload your own image, we will show the image you see in the screenshot above in the widget.

At the bottom of the page you can enter a personal message. This message will be displayed on the page that indicates that the customers order has been confirmed, after the customer has paid online.

Then click on save. Your product box is now created and visible in your gift card widget, where customers can order your product box.

You don't have to follow any extra steps to add the product box to your gift card widget, that's done as soon as you completed the above mentioned steps!

Sell a product box

Once you have created the product box in Salonized, it will be visible in your gift card widget. Here your customer can select the product box, fill in their personal details and pay online to confirm the order!

Good to know:

  • Online payment is mandatory, you need an active payment integration with Stripe or Mollie.

  • Adding the address information is mandatory for the customer.

  • After the order has been placed, the customer will receive a confirmation of the order by e-mail. The customer will also receive a separate e-mail with the receipt.

  • We will also send a confirmation of the online purchase to you, by mail

You can customise the mail we send to your customer. For example, tell us in this mail what the next steps are now that the customer has bought the product box online. How does the shipment work and when can the customer expect the product box? Adjust this in the communication section in the settings. 

The email is called "order confirmation product box"

The variables you can use in this message are:

{{address}} = Address of the customer
{{postalcode}} = Postal code of the customer
{{city}} = City of the customer
{{product_box_image}} = The product box image
{{product_box_name}} = Name of the product box
{{product_box_description}} = Description of the product box
{{product_box_price}} = Price of the product box

An overview of all the product boxes sold

An overview of the product boxes you have sold can be found in the cash register under the tab "Product box purchases".

Here you will find all relevant information of each order, such as the details of the box, details of the customer (address details) and the corresponding invoice. 

You need to arrange the shipment yourself and tick off the orders you've sent!

You can see the details by clicking on the name of the box.

Create a new product box

Would you like to sell a different product box on a weekly or monthly basis? That's possible! Although you can currently only add one product box in Salonized, you can mix things up. 

Follow these steps:

  • Remove the existing product box on the Product box page.

  • You can now create a new product box with a different name, description, price and image.

  • In the list of product box orders, data from the past is not lost, so you will see different names and descriptions of the relevant product box that was sold. This is to ensure you send the right product box to each customer.

Do you have any questions about this feature? Feel free to contact us!

Do you feel like you need more features? Please let us know. We have created a version that we can roll out to our users as soon as possible, so that you can start using it right away. It is possible that we will further expand the functionalities.

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