At the moment, there are a couple of strict measurements to prevent the spread of Covid-19. That's why you have to make sure the people that visit your salon are healthy. You can do this by asking your customers a couple of questions. We want to help you with that.

We have updated our forms feature so you can send forms by mail. Customers can fill in forms digitally and send them back to you. This form will be automatically deleted from the customer profile after 2 weeks.

Automated Covid-19 questionnaire ✏

To make it possible for you to comply to the Covid-19 measurements we created an automated form with questions regarding Covid-19. This form will be sent automatically 24 hours before the appointment.

Did the customer book an appointment less than 24 hours in the future? In that case the form will be sent right away.

In the following section we will explain how this works.

We have added a standard Covid-19 form to your account:

Each account now has a standard corona form. This form is called "Corona/COVID-19" and contains the following questions:

  1. Do you have or have had in the past 24 hours one or more of the following symptoms: nose cold, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, and/or fever (from 38 degrees Celsius)?

  2. Do you have a roommate/family member currently with a fever and/or shortness of breath?

  3. Have you had the coronavirus (diagnosed with a laboratory test) and has it been diagnosed in the past 7 days?

  4. Did you have a housemate/family member with the coronavirus (determined by a laboratory test) and did you have contact with this housemate/family member less than 14 days ago while he/she still had symptoms?

  5. Are you in home isolation because you have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus?

  6. If one of the questions is answered yes, please contact us to move/cancel the appointment.

You can find this form in your settings and you can edit it yourself. You can, for example, add or delete questions.

Activate the digital Covid-19 form

Do you want to send the Covid-19 form to your customers automatically? Activate this in you customers settings. It is turned off by default, so if you want to turn it on, click on the slider. When the slider is dark grey, its turned on. Click on save in the top right corner.

  • We will automatically send an email to the notification email address (previously set at 'Manage company information') as soon as a customer has submitted the COVID-19 form digitally. You can disable this notification if preferred. To do so, adjust the settings of the COVID-19 form and automated sending at customer settings.

The Covid-19 form will be sent automatically 24 hours before the appointment

  • For every appointment that is linked to a customer of which the email address is known to the system, a Covid-19 form will be sent 24 hours before the appointment.

  • Did the customer book an appointment less than 24 hours in the future? In that case the form will be send right away. Note: this can take about 10 minutes.

  • Your customers can open the form, complete it and send it back to you.

  • Forms that have been filled in can be found in the appointment in the agenda and in the customer's profile. Click on the appointment, then on forms on the right.

  • Forms can also be filled in via an appointment.

Has the Covid-19 form been sent to my customer?

In the appointment overview you can check whether the form has been sent. You can see here for example when the appointment confirmation was sent and when the Covid-19 form was sent.

How do my customers see the form?

Your customers receive the form by email. The mail looks like this:

  • You can adjust the email that we send to the customer 24 hours prior to the appointment, using the digital COVID-19 form. You can edit both the title of the email and content. For this, visit the Communication section, where you will find all email templates. You will find this email as “Digital COVID-19 form”.

When the customer opens the form to fill it in it looks like this:

As soon as the customer filled in the form and sent it off you will get a notification in your inbox.

Whether a customer filled in the form can also been seen in the agenda.

Filling in the form manually with the customer?

You can also fill in the form manually. Do you want to fill in the intake form while you’re with your customer?

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the appointment in the agenda

  2. Click on Forms on the right

  3. Click on the form you want to fill in

  4. Answer the questions together with your customer

  5. Save the form

Do you have any questions? Let us know. We’re always happy to help.

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