Rebook reminder

Automatically send clients an email after a certain period of absence and increase the number of clients returning to the salon!

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Automatically send clients a reminder after a certain period of absence, for example 6 weeks after their last haircut if a new appointment has not been scheduled yet. Receive clients again more often and faster!

You can set the rebook reminder per treatment. This also makes it possible to set it for only the most booked treatments in your salon, or specifically for one type of treatment.

📣 This feature is part of the Salonized Premium Marketing Area; an additional paid package (full of great benefits!), included in the Pro subscription, that you can add to your account.

Enable the rebook reminder

You can enable and edit the email by clicking on the 'Marketing' icon in the blue menu bar on the left and then > Email > Rebook reminder > Settings.

Then activate the email with the slider:

Composing the content

You can compile the content of the email as you wish. The layout works the same as for the newsletter.

You can choose to show your logo and upload an image of your choice. You can also choose the colour of the email. By default we use the colour of your booking widget, but you can change it to any colour you like.

The title and message are mandatory fields in order to be able to send the email to your customers. You can personalise your email by adding variables. With these variables the system will fill in the right information per client.

Some of the variables you can use:

  • {{weeks_since_last_appointment}} = the number of weeks since the customer's last appointment (based on what you have set as the reminder period in the service, or 100 days would be 14 weeks).

  • {{days_since_last_appointment}} = the number of days since the customer's last appointment (based on what you have set as the reminder period in the service).

Finally, you can choose to add the primary button to trigger an action for your customer, such as making a new appointment. You can edit the text of the button.

By default, the action is to "Make an appointment" in this email, and the button will open the booking widget. When a customer clicks on this button in the email, we make sure that a number of things are pre-filled in the booking widget:

  • The service is already selected (but can be changed by the customer)

  • The name, e-mail address and telephone number are pre-filled (but can be changed by the customer).

This way, making a new appointment is done super fast!

Selecting the services

Go to 'When it should be sent' and click Set up services to select the services for which you want to set up a rebook reminder.

For each service, enter the number of days after the last appointment that the email should be sent.

It is possible that you will see a suggestion here. If there is sufficient data, we can calculate for you what the most usual period is for clients to come back for this treatment. ✨

How do we determine if an email is sent to your customer?

  • The customer's last appointment was exactly the number of days ago that you set for a treatment (e.g. 100 days)

  • The customer does not have a future appointment and has not recently had an appointment (regardless of treatment)

  • The customer's last appointment was not a no-show

  • If the customer qualifies for two rebook reminders (e.g. because the last appointment consisted of two treatments both of which have a reminder email set) then we will only send one email

A returning customer!

Did your customer receive the rebook reminder and make an appointment via this email? If so, you will see it in the calendar ✨

As in the example below, you can see that the customer made the appointment via the rebook reminder.

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Do you have questions about this? Then please get in touch with our support team ✨

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