Welcome to the new design of the calendar! 🤩

Read in this help article what you can expect from the new calendar.

Besides being a lot more organized on the tablet or laptop, the mobile version has also been improved and made more user-friendly.

The layout of the calendar

As you may have noticed first, a few buttons and filters are in a different location. Nothing has changed in terms of functionality; the following functions are now located from the top left:

  • Go to current day

  • Week/day view

  • Date selector + next & previous week

  • Go directly forward a number of weeks

  • Employee filter

💡 Fun fact: also click in the top row on a particular day. In addition to creating a note, you can now add an absence or a task very quickly!

Pop-up screen

When you click on an appointment you will see a pop-up screen. This pop-up shows more information about the appointment. In this screen more icons are shown than in the calendar itself, to keep the calendar as clear as possible.

In the pop-up you can click on the name of the customer to be redirected to the customer profile. In the pop-up you can edit or delete the appointment and you can click on the 'more' button to be redirected to the appointment details page.

Appointment details page

If you clicked 'more' in the pop-up you will be taken to the appointment details page. In this page you will find all the information about the appointment and you will also find the follow-up steps for the appointment, such as adding a form, writing a treatment report or paying for the appointment.

This page works the same, but has been given a new design.

Appointment form

This is perhaps the biggest change and improvement in the calendar: the add appointment form.

To create an appointment you can either click on the 'create appointment' button in the calendar or you can click somewhere at a specific time in the calendar. The start time and date you clicked are already filled in in the appointment form.

Don't want to create an appointment but add an absence, task or note? Simply change the tab in the top right corner of the appointment form by clicking on the appropriate title.

Have you indicated in your settings that a service cannot be performed by a certain employee? Then you will see the red message, as in the example below, 'Callie is not suitable for this service'. And if you want to schedule an employee but he is not available at that moment, you will see the orange message 'employee is not available'.

If you have added multiple services in the form, like the example above, you will see 6 dots on the right side of the service. If you click on them you can change the order of the services by dragging them up or down. You can use this function if you would like the service 'massage' to be performed first. You drag the service 'massage' above the service 'head massage'.

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