Welcome to the new Product Management design 📦

Product management consists of 4 parts:

  • Overview of all products

  • Overview of all categories

  • Overview of all suppliers

  • Stock management

Overview of products

The filters on this page have been updated. Instead of being on the left side of the screen, you will now find these filters in the upper part of the screen, above the table with all of the products. In addition, the filters have more options now. You can filter the product list in the following ways:

  • Category (view products by category or select multiple categories at once);

  • Supplier (view products per supplier or select several suppliers at once);

  • Create a combination of categories and suppliers;

  • Stock and purchase overview.

Product details

Click on a product to view to the details of a product. This also looks different now.

You can find the tabs that you can look at in the upper right corner:

  • Stock management;

  • Sales: an overview of invoices that show the product that has been sold and at what price;

  • Stock history.

On the right hand side you will always find information about the product, such as the category, the EAN code, the sales price and purchase price.

You will also find what you can do with a product: edit or delete.

Adding a new product

You can add a new product via the product overview. Here you will find the fields that you are used to! Please note that stock management is not yet available in our new design. If you would like to use it, please temporarily disable the new product page design.

Editing a product

You can edit a product in two different ways:

  • By clicking on a product in the overview and then clicking on the "edit product" button on the right.

  • By clicking on "edit product" in the product list via the three dots

In the latter case, you will remain in the product list when editing a product, making it a quick edit.

Do you have a question or feedback about our new design? Please get in contact with us!

Deleting products

Would you like to delete one product? Then you can do so via the product list (click on the three dots on the right hand side) or via the product detail page (click on a product in the product list).

Would you like to remove several products at once? Then you have two options:

Delete a category 🆕

If you delete a category, you can choose to delete only the category name. All products attached to the category will continue to exist, but will no longer have a category.

The second option is to delete the category including all products. Please note that this action cannot be undone. Therefore you will first need to confirm that you are sure about this, in order to be able to delete a category including the products attached to it.

Delete a supplier 🆕

If you delete a supplier, you can choose to only delete the supplier's name. All products associated with the supplier will continue to exist but will no longer have a supplier linked to them.

The second option is to delete the supplier including all products. Please note that this action cannot be undone. Therefore you will first need to confirm that you are sure about this action, in order to able to remove a supplier including the products that are attached to it.

Stock orders

Read more about (automatic) inventory management for products in this article.

Updating product prices

Read more about updating product prices and scheduling these updates automatically in this article.

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