In this article you can read how product stock management works in our new design. Functionally it is almost the same as our old design, but we would like to show it to you step by step.

First of all, on the overview page, you will see a filter for displaying the product list. You have the following options here:

  • Show all products

  • Show the Stock warnings (products out of stock)

  • Show inventory (products with stock value)

Purchase Overview

To see which products are no longer sufficiently in stock, click on the filter "purchase overview". The notification indicates the number of different products that are out of stock.

You can use the Category and Supplier filters to filter the list of products that are out of stock.


The Inventory overview shows the current stock of all your products. Also the stock value (in euro's) per product is shown. This is based on the current stock and the purchase price of the products.

You can also apply the filters for "category" and "supplier" to the inventory overview.

Inventory value

You can view the total inventory value on the tab "Suppliers".

Here you can see the total inventory value per supplier. The current stock can also be downloaded as Excel or CSV file through the Settings.

A new stock order

You can create a new order via the tab "Stock orders".

At the top of the page you will find a filter for already created orders. You can filter on the status: open, ordered, completed, paid, backordered.

At the top right of the page you will see the button "new stock order". Click this to start a new order. Choose a supplier in the overview to create the order for. Then you will see the screen below.

On the left you will find all items that are stored with this supplier. Use the category filters or search function to add products to your order.

If the stock data for products has been completed (minimum stock, maximum stock, current stock), an option to automatically create a stock order will also appear.

If the order has been created, click on the button "place order".

In the screen that follows, you can;

  • send the order to the supplier by email

  • book the order as soon as you receive it

  • add a note (this will also be sent to the supplier by email)

  • perform other actions, such as editing the order or downloading it as a CSV or PDF.

Do you have questions about inventory management in Salonized? Please contact our support team via the chat or via (+31) 020 893 2386.

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