Welcome to the new design of the calendar! 🤩

Read a general introduction to our new calendar in this help article. We have worked to provide a better overview, finer and easier use and a better mobile experience.

In this article, you'll read how the new calendar works specifically for accounts that schedule appointments not only with employees but also with rooms and tools.

Filter the calendar by resources

At the top of the calendar you will find the filters, there you can switch between the different calendar views. For example you can view the calendar for "employees", "rooms" or "tools".

Click on 'Show All' to see the schedule of a particular employee, treatment room or tool. This way you can see at a glance what their agenda looks like. Do you want to see the schedule of everything? Then leave the filter set to 'Show all'.

On the mobile version, filtering works a little different. Click on the filter button at the top right and then under the heading 'Filters' select the room or tool whose schedule you want to view. Finally, click on 'Close filters'.

Scheduling an appointment with resources

There are three possible ways to add a resource when scheduling an appointment; automatic, random and manual selection.

1. Automatic selection

A resource is automatically added when the system recognises it as the only available option. The reason for this is:

  • the selected service is the only one associated with a particular room.

  • the selected service is linked to multiple rooms, but only one is available according to the schedule.

2. Random selection

A resource is set to random ('Any') when the system recognises multiple available options. In the example above, it is possible to schedule the treatment in both 'The sun room' and 'The relax room'.

In this case, you can leave the room set to 'Any' so that the system automatically schedules the appointment in one of the rooms. You can also use the dropdown menu to manually select a room.

3. Selecting manually

The system indicates to select the resource manually if no available option is found. The reason may be that the schedule of the resource is already fully booked with other appointments. You can always select a resource manually yourself.

Easily find the right availability

✨ It is still possible to find the correct availability for a particular service at the push of a button, even when you use resources. The system automatically takes into account the rosters of all resources to which the treatment is linked.

Sometimes there are icons behind the resource to give you more information about the availability of that item.

  • A red warning sign means that the resource is not suitable for the selected treatment because it's not in the requirements.

  • An orange calendar icon means that the resource is not available at the selected time.

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