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Creating an account: Why it says in Salonized that your email address is already in use.

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Creating an account: Why it says in Salonized that your email address is already in use. Which of these situation describes your problem best? If you can not find your scenario in this list, please contact us directly for more information.

I'm trying to create a new account

If it notifies you that your email address is no longer available for use, it means that it is already occupied and that an account already exists. It is then better to continue where you left off last time instead of starting from scratch. Click on the button 'Sign in' in the right top corner of www.salonized.com. If you can not remember your password feel free to create a fresh one by clicking on "Forgot password".

Should you still be logged in from last time you'll notice that the button in the top right corner actually says "Go to App" which will bring you straight to your calendar.

Did you use this email address in the past for a Salonized test account where the test period is all used up? Feel free to send us a message, we're happy to prolong it for a bit. That way you wont have to create a whole new account with another email address.

I would like to edit my current email address in my already existing account.

You already have a Salonized account, but would like to edit or exchange the email address which you use to login. Please login and go to the little doll icon in the top right corner to see all your account settings. Here you'll be able to update your data, including your email address and password for example. Don't forget to save any changes before continuing on.

I've never created an account at Salonized with my email address!

Are you absolutely sure? :-) Try signing in (in case you haven't tried already) and click on "Forgot password" to give you access. Still not working or is there something terribly wrong? Than please get in touch with us quickly so we can help you figure it all out. We can see which Email is connected how with which account.

Still haven't found the answer you were looking for? Please feel free to get in touch with us, we are very happy to assist.

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