Find out how you can create new users to your Salonized account and give different authorizations depending on their business role.

Creating a user account for someone is the same as giving them a key to your Salonized account. You can decide yourself which user has which authorisations within the System. That way you'll for example be able to prevent an employee accessing your financial statistic reports. Follow these steps to set up a brand new account to your Salonized:

Go to Settings > General > User accounts > Create new account.

Fill in the necessary details for the new user and choose which authorisations are relevant. You'll have the following options to choose from:

  • Account Owner: has access to all features of Salonized and has full authorisation to make changes; as for example export data or delete another user account.

  • Administrator: has access to all features of Salonized but has limited authorisation to make changes; as for example can not export data, add a new user or delete another user.

  • Manager: has access to most basic features found under 'Admin'; as for example treatments or roster. Can also see feedback and make changes to the cash register.

  • Report: has access to basic functions and additionally has insight into the reports environment (financial administration). But not able to see 'Admin' features.

  • User accounts without any additional permissions: a user account can also have none of the above authorizations (all empty boxes). In that case your user will still have access to the regular functions, such as calendar, client lists and the cash register for check out. But is not able to edit invoices or deleting them nor see the reports button.

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