Adding a new employee

Learn how to add an employee, set the individual availability and determine which services each employee can provide.

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Do you have a team with one or more colleagues? You can easily add extra employees in Salonized. 

To do this go to Settings > Company > Employees.

You can add a new employee by clicking the "New employee" button in the top-right corner of this page. A new screen will appear where you can fill in additional details of this employee such as their email address, telephone number and the preferred colour for appointments for this staff member in the agenda. Filling in this data is optional.

Besides that, on this same page you can already choose if this employee will be bookable online. You can also choose to manually manage his/her working hours (if you leave the check mark unchecked, it will use the opening hours of the company) and choose which services this employee can perform.


Manage working hours manually 

Enable or disable the setting to manually manage working hours for this employee.

If this option is enabled, you can enter the working hours yourself according to the schedule; for example, if an employee only works on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If an employee always has the same working hours as the general opening hours of the company, you can disable this setting. In the schedule, the general opening hours are then also used for this employee, and you do not have to manage them separately. This looks like this (see the grey stripes behind the employee):


Allow online appointments 

This setting determines whether you can schedule online appointments with this employee in the online booking widget or not. By enabling this option, online appointments can be scheduled with this employee. By disabling the option, appointments cannot be scheduled online.

Below the employee's email address, you will see this option:


Costs for adding an additional employee

Adding an employee can be done at any time. Employees that are added/removed will be automatically charged/corrected on the invoice at the end of the billing period.


  • Salonized Basic package | £ 6,50 per month

  • Salonized Appointments package | £ 4,50 per month

  • Salonized PRO package | £ 6,50 per month

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