You can add treatment reports to appointments, so you can always find them in the customer file. For example, think of color codes for hair or photos to follow the course of a treatment.

Add Treatment Report via the Agenda

  1. Go to agenda

  2. Click on the appointment

  3. Click on write report

In the screen that opens, you can add notes and upload photos (for example, before / after photos).

Access/ look up Treatment Reports

If you want to see the treatment reports again, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Customers

  2. Select a customer

  3. Click on the Reports tab under the customer's name

  4. Here you can see all treatment reports, linked to appointments, in chronological order

Add treatment report from the customer file.       

You can also add a new treatment report from the customer file. You can do this by clicking on "create report" in the top left. 

Easily access reports with every appointment

The 5 most recent treatment reports can now easily be seen for every appointment in the agenda.

In the appointment detail screen - the modal that opens when you click on an appointment - you’ll see a new tab, with the 5 most recent treatment reports for a customer.

You can open a recent report from the appointment and if needed, even edit it by clicking one.


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