Each customer has its own profile in which you can keep track of notes per appointment or simply jot down how someone likes his/her coffee. Even for customers, you haven't seen in a long time, you can look up the notes you made for the last treatment.

There are three ways to get to a customer profile to add a note:

  1. Go to the tab Customers > find a customer and click on the name

  2. Or, search for a customer's name with the search bar at the top right

  3. Or, click on an appointment in the calendar, then click on the name of the customer at the top of the appointment details screen

On the right, in a customer profile, you have the note field. You can add multiple notes per customer profile.

You can also add a follow-up date to a note (optional), for example, if you want to call back a customer a week after a treatment for an assessment or some advice. This is done by choosing a date at the field ''select follow-up date”.

Notes with a follow-up date are placed on the agenda. That looks like this:

Once you have completed the task, you can check off the note. It will turn green instead of yellow and it will remain preserved in the client's profile.

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