Drafting an invoice

Read more about drafting an invoice, adding a tax number to an invoice and adding a logo to an invoice.

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You'll read more about how an invoice is structured in Salonized and where you can adjust the billing details.

Editing billing details

Here's an invoice example:

1. Logo

This is where your logo will be placed automatically. You can upload your logo via > Menu > Settings > Manage Company Info.

2. Invoice header

This is where your company's address will appear. Fill in these details via > Menu > Settings > Sales > Settings > Invoice Header.

3. Customer details

This is where the customer's details should appear. This information is automatically copied from the customer's file. You can adjust these settings via > Menu > Settings > Sales > Settings > Invoice Recipient.

You can customise the customer information block that is displayed in your PDF invoices. You can decide if you want the customer's name and surname to appear or rather "Dear Ms Smith", just to name an example.

4. Additional logo

If needed, you can add an extra logo to the invoice (for the health insurer, for example). You can do this via > Menu > Settings > Sales > Settings > Invoice image.

5. Fixed data

This is where you'll find the employee's name, the invoice date and invoice number.

6. Description

All of the booked services and/or products will appear in this section of the invoice.

7. VAT

The VAT value is calculated based on a service's/product's VAT percentage. If you don't want to show VAT on the invoice you can disable this via > Menu > Settings > Sales > Settings.

8. Additional billing information for a customer

If a health insurance company needs certain billing information, such as a customer's date of birth or social security number, then you can add this automatically to each invoice. Adjust these settings via > Customer Profile > Edit Customer > Additional Invoice Information.

9. Invoice footer

Here you can add details such as your website, email address, phone number and Chamber of Commerce (kvk) number. Add this information via > Menu > Settings > Sales > Settings > Invoice Footer.

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