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Accounting and exporting data
Accounting and exporting data

This is how you download data from your account for your accounting. Read how to export data such as day totals and invoices.

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Go to: Menu → Settings → General → Data export

If you have the Salonized "Basic" or "Pro" package, then your sales, income and revenue will be automatically registered. You'll be able to export all the necessary information for your accounting as an Excel or CSV file. You can then import these files into your accountancy programme or share them with your accountant.

I will now explain what you can use each file for.

Exporting a customer list

Export an overview of your customer list as an Excel or CSV file. This will be a file with names and addresses plus contact and date of birth details.

Exporting a product list

You can also download your products as an Excel file. This is useful when you want to edit many products. Examples could be adding EAN numbers to your products or adjusting the stock levels. This is also a quick way to adjust the value of your current stock and see your stock value on the 1st of January. You'll never have to count your stock again!

Day totals

By exporting this file your day totals will be shown in an overview (in an Excel file). You can also import the CSV file into an accountancy programme.

Invoices / Orders

With this option you'll have all of your invoices in an overview. All the invoices will be classified by invoice number and all invoices will show their payment method, total value, employee and customer. This is also a quick way to check which invoices are outstanding.

Invoice items / Order items

Here you'll see which products / services have been sold (per invoice), by who and to which customer.

Drawer transactions

Export your drawer transactions to an Excel file or import them into an accountancy programme so that you have a clear overview.

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