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Verifying an email domain (preventing SPAM) 📧
Verifying an email domain (preventing SPAM) 📧
How do you stop messages from landing in your customers' SPAM box. In this article you'll read about verifying your own email domain.
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Salonized uses an email server to send emails. If you have verified your own domain name, your automatic emails (such as the appointment confirmation) will be sent from a unique email address that is structured as follows:

Each email provider has its own rules and ways to flag messages as SPAM. This is partly determined by the amount of times that receivers mark a message (such as an appointment confirmation or birthday message) as SPAM.

This is why it can occur that automatic messages that are sent from your Salonized account are flagged as SPAM in your customer's inbox.

» How can you avoid SPAM?

It's hard to make sure that your emails always end up in your customers' primary inbox. But you can definitely improve your chances by verifying your own domain name.

By adjusting this setting, your customers' email servers will think that Salonized "has permission" to send emails on your company's behalf.

You do need some technical knowledge to start using these settings. If you need help with this, it's best to contact your domain name provider.

What's the difference?

Add the correct contact email address via Menu > Settings > Manage company info. This is the address that we'll be using to send emails to your customers.

Customers will receive an automatic email just like this one:

Once you open the email, you'll see the following:

⚠ Attention: you need your own domain (info@address) to verify it in Salonized.

We've made a special page in Salonized where you can read about the correct settings that need to be added to your domain name. You'll see the following if your email domain hasn't been verified yet:

You're going to need to adjust a few settings in your domain name provider to be able to verify your domain name. Log into your provider's admin panel and go to DNS management and add the DNS records that are shown in your Salonized account (still on the email domain verification page).

» Option 2: moving emails to the "primary inbox"

So you don't have your own domain (info@adres), but are you still hearing back from clients talking about emails landing in their SPAM box? Then your customers can do the following:

  • Move the email from the SPAM box to the primary inbox

In this G-mail example you can see that the Appointment Reminder (Afspraakherinnering) hasn't landed in the primary inbox. By dragging the email to the primary inbox (on the left) you're making sure that this is the inbox where the email will land in the future.

  • Add the sender to their address book

Once your customers add the email address from your confirmation/reminder mails to their address book, your emails will end up in their primary inbox.

TIP: If your customers can't find the email in their inbox, they can search for "appointment reminder" in the search bar.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this topic.

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