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Processing of revenue in Salonized
Processing of revenue in Salonized
Do you have a discrepancy in revenue or VAT? Maybe it has to do with one of these examples from this article.
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It may happen that you have to deal with a difference in revenue. In this article I will explain what the cause might be and what you can potentially tell your accountant.

First of all, it is good to know that in Salonized you work with prepaid revenue. You pay tax on the revenue you have not yet received, but for which an invoice has already been created. From a tax point of view you have to pay VAT in advance.

Differences in the revenue can be caused by:

  1. Adjusting invoices in a closed cash up

  2. Outstanding invoices in the cash register

  3. Invoices with an online deposit

  4. Invoices with prepaid cards as payment method

  5. Invoices with gift cards as payment method

  6. Difference in VAT on the totals page

1. Adjusting invoices in a closed cash up

When you are working with a cash up system, you can only create invoices on today's date. This means that it is no longer possible to edit an existing invoice if it is in a closed cash up.

When you do edit these invoices, the turnover will be on the invoice date and the payment date on the day that the client visited the salon. If you edit these invoices in a different month, you may even experience a difference in a certain month.

Please note! We advise you not to do this. You will never be able to put the invoice date and payment date on the same day.

2. Outstanding invoices in the cash register

Did you know that outstanding invoices also cause a difference in revenue? An outstanding invoice is already seen as revenue. This in itself is not a problem, but if you have outstanding invoices it is wise to pass them on to your accountant so he/she knows where the differences come from.

You can prevent this by:

1. Having your customers pay their outstanding invoices in the month that the invoice was created. The totals for the month will then remain the same.

2. Working with draft invoices instead of outstanding invoices. Draft invoices do not yet have an invoice date applied to them. The invoice number is only applied to the invoice on the day you pay the invoice.

3. Online deposits

The revenue of invoices paid online is processed on the day of the invoice. This applies to both deposits and invoices paid fully in advance online, but in the case of deposits you first receive an outstanding invoice. When the outstanding invoice is finally completed, the entire amount appears on the invoice as revenue.

Please note! On the invoice date, only the deposit is processed as a payment method!


You have an invoice of 100,- euro with a deposit of 25% namely, 25,- euro. In that case, the 100 euros will appear as revenue on the left-hand side of the totals page and only 25 euros on the right-hand side of the totals page. When the customer pays the rest of the invoice, the 75,- euro will appear on the day that the customer comes in for treatment and your revenue for that day will be 0,-.

4. Invoices with prepaid cards as payment method

Invoices completed with a prepaid card as a payment method are, as it were, a floating payment.

A prepaid card is in fact a single voucher and it is legally obligatory to register the payment method and to calculate the VAT immediately when you buy a single voucher (of which is known in advance what the 'visits' will eventually be used for.

Please note! The revenue of the invoices on which you have created a prepaid card is not yet included as revenue on this day.

Only when the 'visits' are redeemed the amount in parts is registered as revenue. You will no longer pay VAT on the 'visits' if they are used as a payment method.

5. Invoices with gift cards as payment method.

When selling gift cards you are dealing with a multiple voucher. This is because you can redeem a gift card for an item, so both a service and a product. The VAT of the items can be different so that it is only clear which VAT will be applied to the invoice when you pay the customer. You are only obliged to pay VAT when the gift card is redeemed.

Please note! When all your items have the same VAT it does not mean that the gift vouchers become single vouchers.

6. Difference in VAT on the totals page

Should you see a difference in VAT in your account on the 'Totals' page, this is generally due to the VAT being rounded off per invoice. This can vary by 1 cent per invoice, but can easily add up when you look at the total in your monthly statement.

Tip: you can have your accountant book this away under 'rounding off' differences.

Do you have a difference in the reports and can't find the cause? Maybe you can find out the difference by reading this article.

Need help?

If you are not sure what to tell your accountant, you can always send a message to with the following information:

  1. A clear indication of the period in which the difference arose.

  2. On which page you found the difference.

  3. Please state if it concerns a specific employee.

  4. Please state if it relates to a specific invoice number.

  5. If necessary, a screenshot.

Because these questions are often more complex, we kindly ask you for a little more patience! We will answer your question within a week.

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