Upgrading to the Pro subscription

In this article we explain how you can upgrade your Salonized account to the Pro subscription.

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The Pro package contains all the functions that are included in the basic subscription, including many useful marketing features such as last-minute discounts, discount codes and rebook reminders. In this article you can read about the exact functions and costs of this package.

Perhaps you've been a client for a while and are curious about what this package has to offer. Or maybe you are a brand new client who wants to get the most out of Salonized from the start.

Step 1 is to click on the little megaphone icon in the blue bar, which will take you right to the marketing area of the Pro package. On this page, you can immediately request a trial period, so you can test everything for 14 days.

Once you've decided that you officially want to switch, you do not need to contact our support team anymore. From now on you can easily upgrade in your own account by clicking on 'upgrade'.

Then follow the steps shown in the following screens:

Once you've switched, you will receive a new invoice the next day. In this first invoice, the amount is adjusted depending on when you switched and whether you had already paid annually. So it might happen that the invoice shows a refund for the correction of the new amount.

If you happen to have an 'appointment plan' and you click on 'upgrade', then you will be able to choose between upgrading to the basic plan or the Pro plan.

Feel free to send our support team a message at support@salonized.com

if you have any questions

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