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Treatwell Marketplace integration: how does it work?
Treatwell Marketplace integration: how does it work?
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In this article, we explain all the features of the new Treatwell integration to you. We also encourage you to read our general article about the new integration first.

Good to know: with this integration, you will not have access to Treatwell Connect. So you cannot log in there and all your settings you want to do for Treatwell will go through Salonized. Read more below 👇

Manage your Treatwell bookings from your Salonized calendar

When a customer books with you through Treatwell, you will see this booking appear in your Salonized calendar. You can recognise a Treatwell booking by the TW logo in the booking (see image).

Once you click on the booking, you will see the same information as for a booking through the Salonized widget. Namely the date and time, the service booked, the employee, the duration, and client information (name, email, appointment history, treatment report etc.). From here you can also manage the appointment if needed: you can reschedule it, cancel it and perform other actions such as write a report, send a form or mark it as a no-show.

Handling the payment of Treatwell appointments

You can see if a Treatwell customer has already paid the booking online by opening the booking overview in Salonized. You can recognize an online payment by a green Treatwell logo. Also, if you hover over this logo you will see a pop-up with a message saying the booking has been paid online.

Of course, you can also use the appointment information to pay for the appointment. This is done in the same way as for any other appointment, by clicking on 'Checkout'. In the checkout, you will also see whether the client has already paid online or if they still have to pay in the salon. We advise you to always use the checkout for Treatwell appointments. This way, the invoice will be created and your book keeping is up-to-date.

Feedback / reviews

From now on you can publish your feedback on Treatwell. Go to 'Feedback' and click on the feedback you want to publish. Click on 'Manage publication' in the top right corner and select in the pop-up that you want to publish on Treatwell.

After publishing a review, it may take up to an hour before it is visible on your Treatwell page.

Good to know: after publishing or receiving 10 reviews on your Treatwell page, a boost is activated for 14 days. This makes you appear higher in search results!

Your Treatwell Page

At the moment we, the Salonized team, manage your page on Treatwell. This means that you can contact us (via the chat at the bottom right) to:

  • Change information on your page (photos, services, description)

  • Add new services to your Treatwell page

  • Let us know if you miss anything on your Treatwell page

In the future, you may also be able to edit things on your page yourself. We are not sure when this will be.

Last minute discounts

Please note: this section is only available if you have the Salonized Pro plan. Read more about our different plans here.

In 'Marketing' > Discounts you can turn on a last-minute discount. This discount is then valid for both your bookings through the Salonized widget and through Treatwell.

Of course, you can choose the discount percentage you want to apply and the period in which you want to apply the last-minute discount.


If you go to 'Reports' in the left toolbar, you will also see that information about your Treatwell bookings is added. This way, you can see what your revenue is through Treatwell and how many online payments are made through Treatwell.


Every 2 weeks (around the 1st and 15th of every month), you will receive an invoice from Treatwell. Here you can see, per booked treatment, which commission or transaction fee you have to pay. If you have any questions about this, please contact Treatwell directly:

📞 020 7900190

More info about the Treatwell integration

Want to know which issues to contact who for (Salonized or Treatwell)? Use this help article as a handy tool.

Read more about the settings in Salonized and how they affect bookings through Treatwell in this help article.

At the moment we are still experiencing one problem with the opening hours. 👇

At the moment, your salon's opening hours are displayed based on your last change in Salonized. This is obviously not the intention, so we are looking for a solution to match the opening hours on your Treatwell page with your schedule in Salonized.

Sidenote: you are still bookable during your correct opening hours. So it's only about the overview on your Treatwell page, not your availability.

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