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FAQ: Photoshoot for the Treatwell integration
FAQ: Photoshoot for the Treatwell integration
Read the answers to frequently asked questions about the photoshoot for the Treatwell integration here
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At the moment, this photoshoot is not available.

Important: Please also note that this photoshoot is meant to be shot according to Treatwell's guidelines. This means that you don't have any influence on the photos' angles, editing, or specifics. If you want to have this, we recommend you book a shoot with another professional photographer, outside of Treatwell.

Questions about the photoshoot

Is the photoshoot needed?

No, the photoshoot is not needed. Treatwell does have certain guidelines for using your own photos. Are you curious about this? If so, please let us know

How much does the photoshoot cost?

The photoshoot costs €99 excluding VAT. For this, you get 18 professional photos of your salon (including a portrait photo of yourself, if you like) that you can also use on your own social media and website.

How long will the photoshoot take?

The photo shoot takes about 1 hour.

Do I need to arrange a model for my photoshoot?

No. In fact; Treatwell does not allow anyone other than the owner to be photographed. Only the following will be photographed:

  • The interior and details of the interior to portray the atmosphere

  • Some photos of products or brands you use

  • A photo of you (if you want so)

  • Photos of the treatment rooms and the exterior

The photographer will not take photos of the team or with models undergoing treatment. If there are decorations hanging for the holidays (such as Christmas decorations), the photographer will not be able to do the session and will have to come back at another time. This is then considered a last-minute cancellation (see below for more information).

Do I have to be photographed myself?

This is not compulsory. You may choose to do this, but if you prefer not to, that is of course no problem either. Just let the photographer know.

What should I prepare before the photoshoot?

  • Make sure your salon is clean and tidy

  • Hide visible cables

  • Present your products

  • Clean up the entrance and interior in salon a bit

  • Try not to have any customers in the salon

  • How long does it take to receive my photos after the photoshoot?

  • After the photoshoot has taken place, it can take up to 1 week before you receive the photos. We send them via WeTransfer.

Can I cancel the photoshoot?

You can cancel the photoshoot free of charge up to 36 hours before the shoot. If you do not come to the appointment or you cancel / reschedule the appointment less than 36 hours in advance, we will charge 50€ to cover the cost that the professional photographer will invoice us for your appointment. We will charge this amount on your next invoice.

Where can I share the photos?

What you can do with your photos: (as long as you are a Treatwell partner)

  • Use the photos on your social networks

  • Use the photos on your own professional website

What you can't do with your photos:

  • Use the photos on another commercial website

  • Print, distribute, use, publish, exploit, edit, crop, modify or otherwise handle the photos without Treatwell's prior consent.

Issues with the photoshoot

Where is the photographer?

Of course, sometimes the photographer may be late. This is annoying but wait and see. Does the photographer not show up at all, or is it really taking a long time? Let us know via the chat button at the bottom right or call us on 020 893 2386.

I never received my photos. What should I do?

Contact our Support Team via the chat button at the bottom right or call us on 020 893 2386. Perhaps something went wrong, and we can send you the photos again.

Complaints about the photoshoot

I don't like the photos taken by the photographer. What should I do?

The photos we select are in agreement with the guidelines from Treatwell. This means that a salon is represented as it actually is, to avoid surprises. Also, the intention of these guidelines is that every salon on Treatwell is represented in the same way.

This means that the photos you received unfortunately cannot be recreated. If you want to avoid this in the future, we recommend you to book a professional photographer yourself where you can specify your wishes more clearly. We can then check whether these photos meet Treatwell's guidelines. Would you like to see these guidelines beforehand? Then please contact us.

The quality of the photos is very poor. What should I do?

It is obviously not your intention to receive the photos in poor quality. Should this be the case, we would be happy to take a look with you. Please contact our Support Team via the chat button at the bottom right or call us on 020 893 2386.

I had a problem with the photographer. Where can I report this?

Contact our Support Team via the chat button at the bottom right or call us on 020 893 2386.

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