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Do you notice that some days or parts of the day are always a bit more quiet in your salon? Or would you like to get more out of the peak hours in your salon? Try our latest feature to fill you calendar in the best way possible.

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This feature allows you to create discounted time blocks and time blocks with a price increase in your calendar so that customers can schedule discounted appointments or appointments with a higher price online while booking.

Example for discounts: Tuesday mornings are always quiet and you would like to attract some more customers to fill those empty spots. If you then add a time block with, say, a 10% discount from 9:30-12:00, you can increase the likelihood of online bookings. After all, customers often love discounts and maybe that discount is just the push they needed to make the decision to book.

Example for price increase: you don't usually work on Friday evenings, but you notice that your customers have been asking you to give them a spot on Friday evenings. You can choose to add some more hours on those days via settings > timetable. Once you've done this you can add a block with a price increase of 25% (for example) via the calendar.

Enabling dynamic pricing

Before you start adding blocks with dynamic prices, you first need to enable the option via the discounts page in the marketing area.

Go to the calendar once you've enabled the feature. By clicking on the filter button in the top-left corner, you can always switch between 'regular view' and 'dynamic pricing mode'.

Adding a time slot with dynamic prices

If dynamic pricing mode is enabled then you won't be able to see the appointments. Now you can click anywhere in the calendar (or click on 'create price change' in the top-right corner) to add a discount block or a price increase time slot for a price change.

Once you've clicked on the calendar or button, you can enter a discount percentage (e.g. 10%) or a price increase and indicate from when to when this discount block applies. Optionally you can also set a repetition for this price change (daily, weekly, monthly).

Note: the price changes are only applied to appointments booked via the online booking widget, it's not applied to appointments that you add manually within the price change block in the calendar.

Booking an appointment with a dynamic price

If a customer books online then the price change (discount or price increase) will appear the moment they choose a time slot. The green label means that there is a discount and the orange dot is a price increase.

In this version, only the discount and adjusted price will appear in the appointment summary in the widget before they actually confirm it. For the price increase the percentage of the price increase will not be shown in the widget, the price will be automatically adjusted in the last page of the widget.

Please note: let's suppose you use the last-minute discount in addition to the dynamic pricing, then it could happen that discounts and/or price increases overlap. If this is the case then the rule is that the biggest discount is then shown and the rest is hidden.


If a customer has booked an appointment online with a discount, you will see this discount reflected during checkout. You do not need to take any further action as the system has already automatically processed the discount in the appointment. The discount is thus neatly displayed in the register during checkout.

On the other hand, if a customer has booked an appointment online with a price increase, you will see this price increase reflected during checkout. You do not need to take any further action as the system has already automatically processed the price change in the appointment. The increase is thus shown in the register during checkout.

For now, it will show a negative discount, which means a price increase. To further clarify, a yellow notification will appear to inform that this appointment was made within a price increase time slot.

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