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Delete your customer database
Delete your customer database
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In this article, you will learn how to delete your customer database yourself.

It might happen that when you import your customers, not everything is correctly added and you want to start 'over'. In this case, it is nice to delete the current customers first to avoid duplicate customers.

It may also be the case, for example, that you take over a Salonized account from someone and want to import your own customer database. In that case, it is probably necessary to delete the current customer file first.

Below, we explain step by step how to delete clients:

  1. Go to 'Customers' in the blue bar

  2. Click on: 'Add filter' > Customers > Created at

  3. You can set this filter from the day the Salonized account was started to the present day

TIP: To find out the exact day on which your Salonized account was started, go to the blue profile icon in the top right of your account and click on 'Billing'. You can see your start date on your first invoice.

4. Once this is done, you can delete the customers.

The customers have now been deleted! 🎉

If you still want to retrieve the deleted customers, you can always do so via: Customers > Add filter > Deleted customers

Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions!

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