Have you added the online agenda to your website and / or Facebook page but no available times are shown after choosing a service? Use the steps below to find out if you can re-solve the issue on your own. Were you unsuccessful? Then contact us.

Check 1: Is the schedule open?

Check via the admin > Roster whether both the general opening times and the working hours are entered per employee.

The top line is the general opening times. Below are the working hours per employee. Do you work alone? Then automatically copy the general opening times as your working hours, by editing the employee via "employees" in the left-hand menu and unchecking the box for "manage working hours manually". Then check whether appointments can be made online.

Check 2: Is/are the employee (s) bookable online?

Check via the admin > Employees whether the check mark "allow online appointments" is checked for the employee (s).

Check 3: Can the services be booked online?

Check via the admin > Services whether a service can be booked online. You can do this by clicking on a service and checking whether the checkmark at "this service can be booked online" is checked.

Have you checked these points but are still unable to schedule an online appointment? Then contact us!

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