Updating product prices

Discover how to easily update your product prices. Schedule the price updates ahead of time to start on a specific day.

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From now on, you don't need to update your product prices with confusing excel sheets. Now you can easily update your product prices yourself via the product page in your account.

In order to do this, we have implemented an 'update prices' button on the product page, in the upper-right corner.

Once you click on that button, you can either select a specific supplier (with its products) or open the first box, which includes all products that are not linked to a supplier.

In this page, you can enter the new cost and/or sell price for all products and update them on the same page, sine they are all in the same overview now.

Scheduling a price update

Besides updating the product prices, we added the functionality of scheduling a price update. This means that you can choose when you want the changes to be applied, rather than having to do it on the same day.

Example: you want to increase your product prices on the 1st of January. Implement the changes already via the price update button, and then schedule it to happen on the 1st of January. This way you can still use your old prices for x period, but the prices will be automatically updated on the day you selected.

In order to schedule a price update, simply select the desired date and time from the price update screen and save it, the prices should then be updated on the selected date + time. You can still decide to cancel the price update after scheduling it.

If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact our support team.

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