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How do you invite friends and colleagues?
How do you invite friends and colleagues?

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You can find the "invite colleagues" via the figure in the top right corner. If you click on this you will find your unique referral link. You can easily share this link via e-mail, Whatsapp or via Facebook. As soon as someone switches to a paid subscription via your unique link, you will both receive a 50 euro discount on your next invoice.

                                  Click here for your unique referral link

How can a colleague or friend sign up?

As soon as your colleague / friend has received the link, he / she only needs to click on the link. Via the link you will be automatically redirected to the Salonized page. A trial account can be created via the "try now for free" button. When this is done, your accounts are automatically linked to each other.

When is the discount settled?

Because your accounts are now linked to each other, Salonized automatically knows that you are both entitled to a 50 euro discount. The discount is settled as soon as your colleague / friend has switched to a paid subscription.

How often can I use the link?

You can use your unique discount link as often as you want 😊

Who can I invite?

Salonized is suitable for anyone who has to deal with scheduling appointments, managing clients and selling services / products. Salonized is also interesting for your dentist, doctor and physiotherapist, among others. Someone in mind, but you are not sure if Salonized is suitable? Your colleague can always contact our customer service without obligation!

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