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How does the franchise link work?
How does the franchise link work?

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In this article we explain how you can grant your franchise access to your account as the owner of multiple branches, or as a franchisee.

What can you do with the franchise link?

With the franchise link you can easily switch two accounts without having to log in and log out.

Step-by-step plan to turn on franchise link

Follow the below steps to enable the franchise link:

  1. Go to Settings (small settings icon at the bottom left corner of the page) > General > Integrations.

  2. Look for Franchise and enable the button.

  3. Enter the identification code (ask for this via the chat at the bottom right).

  4. Determine via the permissions which authorities your franchise will receive.

Please Note: to find the franchise integration you must be logged in with an "owner" account.  



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