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Use Salonized for online bookings
Use Salonized for online bookings

Did you know that 52% of the bookings in our database are scheduled outside opening hours of the salon?

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Offer your customers the convenience of an online agenda so that they can schedule an appointment with you at any time, while you are less likely to be disturbed by phone calls during treatments. See how your agenda fills all by itself!


Online appointments via your own website

Salonized offers an online agenda for your own website. You decide on which page you wish to display the agenda, for example on the contact page or on a special "online appointment" page. The online agenda is added to your website by means of a code (i-frame).

Below is an example:


Online appointments via your Facebook page

Send people directly from your Facebook page to your online agenda! What you need for this is a Facebook business page where you can add a Book Now button. That button will look like this:


Online appointments via your newsletter

Because you can find the online agenda in your Salonized account both as a link and via a code, you can also easily add the online agenda to your newsletter.

When you promote a certain treatment in your newsletter, you can immediately place a book-now button on it. You can have that button link to the specific treatment you are promoting in your online agenda. This way, the customer can schedule a new appointment with you at the touch of a button and you will get more results from your newsletters.


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