Removing an employee

Learn what happens if you remove an employee and how to remove an employee from your Salonized account.

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If you remove an employee from your Salonized account, no data will be lost whatsoever! The employee won't be visible in the agenda anymore (in the daily view), but their data will still show under their name and will remain visible on all reports. 

NOTE: If there are any future appointments for this employee, they will only remain visible in the weekly overview of the agenda (not the daily, because their column will disappear).

Go to Settings > Company > Employees and click on the three dots next to the employee's name that you want to remove. Then press 'delete'.

When to remove an employee's details

Remove the employee after his/her last day at work. After removing the employee, the individual column will no longer be visible in the agenda.

As long as the employee is still in the account, you can check if he/she has any appointments for the upcoming weeks. This way you can modify these appointments and link them to another employee.

What happens to my subscription once I delete an employee?

Adding and removing employees is automatically settled on your following Salonized invoice. It is therefore possible that you may receive a refund if you paid in advance for an extra employee.

Can you restore a deleted employee? 

Yes, that's possible. Go to settings > company > employees for this.

If you click on the 'Active employees' button and then on 'Deleted employees' you will be able to restore removed employees in your account by clicking on the little arrow icon. As soon as you do this, the removed employee's own column in the agenda will be restored and you will see all appointments that are still linked to the employee. Deleted employee details can be recalled at any time.

What happens to appointments from removed employees in the agenda? 

The appointments are initially kept in the agenda whenever you delete an employee. However, the removed employee will no longer have their own column. Therefore, you will only see these appointments in the weekly overview of the agenda.

What happens to the data and reports (sales history) of a removed employee? 

Their sales and treatment history is also preserved. Deleted employees can therefore still be seen in the Reports (for example: the employee reports) and you will see the removed employee's linked past in the customer's profile section. For data from the past, therefore, nothing will change when you remove an employee.

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