On this page we explain how you can link the Salonized agenda to your Apple Calendar.

Do you have both an iPhone and an Apple computer? Then your Salonized agenda is linked to your Apple Calendar after the first step. Do you have an iPhone but no Apple Computer? Then start with step 2.


  • Open the Apple Calendar on your Apple Computer. 

  • Go to the top right via Archive to "New agenda subscription"

A screen will appear in which you can add the iCal link. You can find it in Salonized via the admin> appointment settings> at the very bottom of that page.

Copy the link and paste it in the appropriate field in your Apple Calendar. After saving, the salonized appointments are forwarded to the Apple Calendar (not the other way around). Your agenda is now linked.


Do you have an iPhone but no Apple Computer? Then follow the steps below.

  1. First enable the Google Calendar integration. You do that via the page integrations in Salonized. You need a G-mail account for this.

  2. Grab your iPhone and go to the settings

  3. Go to MAIL

  4. Go to Accounts

  5. Select "New account"

  6. Select Google

  7. Enter your Gmail account login details to link this account.

After that, the Salonized appointments will also appear in your iPhone. Note: this can take a few minutes.

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