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You can import both the customer base and the product list into Salonized. Read more here about the delivery specifications.

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Did you previously use a different software program? In that case; We can import your customer and / or product file in one go. This saves you work, since you don't have to do it manually.

You can also request a product list from your supplier.

Tip! Before sending the files to us, first check if there are:

∙ No duplicate or former customers in your customer base

∙ No testers or products that you never use in your salon in your product list.


What can we import?

For customers we can import the following data:

∙ NAC data (name, address, city)

∙ One telephone number and one mobile phone number

∙ Email address

∙ Date of birth

∙ Sex

∙ Greeting

∙ Number of loyalty points

∙ Note (1 note field so there is room for 1 note, such as "coffee 2 sugar")

History of customers unfortunately cannot be imported into Salonized. The reason for this is that it's technically different in every program. History in Salonized is always connected to other parts of the program, such as an appointment, an invoice or an event. History from other programs can therefore not be read.

For products we can import the following data:

∙ Product name

∙ Supplier

∙ Category

∙ Purchase price and sales price

∙ EAN number (for barcode scanners)

∙ Product number

∙ VAT rate

∙ Minimum stock

∙ Current stock


Delivery specifications

We can import product files that are structured as follows:

We can import customer files that are structured as follows:

You can send the files as an Excel file or as a CSV file

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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