The cash register explained

Read how the cash register and checkout flow in Salonized works.

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Checking out an appointment from the calendar

In the calendar, click on the appointment that you want to check out. As seen in the screenshot below, a small window will open. In here you select the small cash register icon.

It will then take you to the cash register in which the appointment is already connected.

Gift card overview

Under the "Gift cards" tab in the cash register, you will now find an extensive detail screen for each gift card.

The screen below opens when you click on a gift card in the list. You can see in this detail screen when the gift card has been purchased and which invoice belongs to it. With gift cards that have already been used you can see on which date the gift card has been used and also which invoice belongs to it.

In the top-left corner of the page you can also look up a gift voucher by its number.

Merging appointments in the cash register

Merging invoices can be easily done in the cash register.

If you click on the Appointments section on the left-hand side of the page, a list of all the appointments in the calendar appears (in chronological order). Are you checking out with a customer and want to add another appointment to it, for example in the case of a mother who has made an appointment for herself and her child? Then you can easily find that appointment in the "Appointments" list in the checkout page.

Resetting an invoice?

The "reset" button at the bottom right of the cash register makes it easy to empty your cash register and start again.

Linked appointments to the invoice

If you delete an item in the cash register that is linked to the appointment (e.g. the service), you will be asked if you want to delete the corresponding appointment as well (as a result, there will be no checkmark in the calendar next to the appointment).

The other way around; if you remove the linked appointment from the invoice, then the corresponding item is also removed. This prevents errors such as checks appearing at the wrong appointments.

Number of loyalty points visible in register screen

You can see the current amount of loyalty points in the first screen of the register, above the "checkout" button. You can, for example, give the customer a discount immediately when the right number of loyalty points have been earned.

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