It's now possible to show off your feedback message to the public. On this page we'll explain how it works.


Client permission

Naturally you would want to place all your client feedback on your website. To be able to do so, you'll first need the clients permission to publish. Each feedback request which is sent automatically includes an option for the client to permit the publication. Here you can see an example:


Feedback status

With each feedback request you'll find a status icon. This will tell you at a glance if the client for example already allowed you to publish their feedback. Here are all icons explained:

  • A closed lock: You have not yet sent a request to your client to ask if they agree to their feedback being published.

  • A clock: You did send an email to your client with a request to publish their feedback, but the client has not decided yet

  • A stop sign: The client did not give their permission to publish their feedback.

  • An open lock: The client allows the publication of the feedback on your website.

  • A globe: The feedback is online and visible to the public.


How to publish a review

If a client has agreed, you will then have the options of publishing their feedback by clicking on the following buttons:

Has the client not decided yet?

You can also send an email to your client, asking them for their permission to publish their feedback from past appointments.

Learn how to add the review widget to your Wordpress site

It is also possible to add the feedback widget to other kinds of websites. We recommend to get in touch with our experienced customer service staff for further instructions, if needed.

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