Prepaid cards

Sell prepaid cards to your clients and keep easily track of how often the cards remain valid as payment methods.

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Sell prepaid cards to your clients and keep easily track of how often the cards remain valid as payment methods.


Sell prepaid card

Prepaid cards can be sold from the cash register tab. On your left side you'll see different options to choose from, now also with the option "prepaid cards". Click on the option to create a new prepaid card.

You should now recognize the below screen picture. Fill in the empty fields to set up the prepaid card. For example: description, amount of services per card, the price (including VAT) and how much VAT percentage applies.

An invoice with a prepaid card must always be connected to a client. Therefore you might see the client field marked red, in case you haven't picked a client yet:

Choose a client and click on "checkout".

In the following screen you'll be asked to pick a payment method to finish off the sale of your prepaid card.


Use a prepaid card as payment method

Set up a regular invoice on your cash register screen. Add the correct service and any additional products that the client also might want to purchase. Note that prepaid card only apply to treatment or services, but not to products.

Select the client in the cash register option. Has this client already purchase a prepaid card in their own name? Then you will see the following in the cash register:

If you would like to use a prepaid card as payment method, click on "use prepaid card". You will then see, like on the screenshot below, all active prepaid cards for this particular client. Here you can click on the prepaid card which you'd like to use.

Now you can proceed the check-out as usual.


The prepaid cards in the cash register

In the cash register you'll find a tab "prepaid card" with an overview of all sold prepaid cards. If you click on a prepaid card you'll find the details listed, such as on which invoice the prepaid cards have previously been used as payment. With the search field you can also search for prepaid cards of a specific client.


The prepaid cards in the client card

The prepaid cards always belong to a client, therefore you can also find them in a client profile under the tab "prepaid card". Click on a row to view the details of a prepaid card.

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