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Invoices with medical indication (Salonized Medical)
Invoices with medical indication (Salonized Medical)

The use of the medical indication designation for services and invoices (in other words, exempt from VAT).

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When creating or editing a service you can indicate whether or not the service has a medical indication as a standard. This can always be changed in the cash register.

Select "medical service" if you do not want to calculate VAT by default, deselect it if you do want to calculate VAT by default.

You can still override this choice in the cash register.

Calculate / exclude VAT on the invoice

If you use a service in the cash register with a medical indication, no VAT will be charged.

If you still want to calculate VAT for a service that in principle has a medical indication, you can turn off the switch in the cash register. The blue M then disappears from behind the item.

If you pick up two items in the cash register, for example a service on which no VAT has to be calculated and a product with VAT, then only the calculated VAT of the product is shown on the invoice.


Data export

In the data export (admin environment) an extra column is added to the files "Invoices" and "Invoice items": Medical with the value yes / no.

Here you can see which invoices (or invoice items) had a medical indication and on which no VAT was calculated.

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