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How to perform a cash up
How to perform a cash up
Perform a "cash up" to close the register and make a note of any differences.
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At the end of the day, you will want to make sure that what you have recorded in Salonized, matches what you have in salon.

To do so, you can perform a "cash up" to close the register and make a note of any differences. 

This will include any cash and card payments processed in store, as well as any other payment types like giftcards, prepaid cards or coupons. If you are using an online payment provider like Stripe, this won't include any online payments.

Note: The cash up process will also lock any sales and payments made that day, so they can no longer be edited or deleted.

1. Start the cash up process

Start the cash process up by going to the Drawer page in Salonized. Click on the register icon, navigate to the “drawer” tab and click “Close register” in the top right corner.

This will start the cash up process for the currently selected register. At the top of the page you’ll be shown when the register was opened.

2. Calculate the cash amount

In the cash amount section, you can add how much cash was collected. Enter the cash amount in the “counted ” field, or manually enter the number of notes and coins you have on file by clicking the “count cash” option. 

We support EUR currency for the calculate feature. If you use another currency, the “calculate” option won’t show up here. 

When you click “use calculated total”, it will automatically tally up the total amount of your cash. 

Also enter actual values for payment types “debit card” and “credit card”. 

3. Cash float amount

Next, you can record how much you will take out of the drawer to bank/safe. We'll automatically calculate the amount that you will keep in the drawer for tomorrow (cash float amount). 

You will need to conform the cash float again, when the register is next opened.

4. Complete the cash up process

Add a cash up note if required, e.g. if you have an explanation for a discrepancy.
Click “complete” right above to finish the process.

5. Cash up report

Once the report has been created, you will see the summary of your cash up.

You can also access a copy of the cash-up report directly from the “cash ups” tab in the Register. 

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