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If you use our Cash up feature, the tabs within the cash register will look slightly different. You now have 3 tabs:

  1. Day overview (same as before)

  2. Drawer (renewed)

  3. Cash up summaries

Daily overview

Shows all transactions per day. So even if you are not going to use the day-end closing, you can see what is charged per day in the daily overview.


Shows all transactions (of all payment methods) since the current checkout was opened. From this tab you can open the cash register and close it again at the end of the day.

Cash Up Summaries

Here you will find all Cash up summaries, or the summaries of the day closures. A Cash Up
can have a variable date range.

For example: 1 per day (when you open the register in the morning and close in the evening) or a register that was opened last week / month / etc and is only now closed. Then the period is of course longer.

An example of a Cash Up Summary can be seen below:

Please be aware!

∙ The date of an invoice cannot be adjusted
∙ An invoice can have multiple payment dates
∙ Credit invoices always apply to the current cash register

So, you cannot "correct" an invoice by creating a credit invoice and putting that credit invoice on the same date as the original invoice. This is because you cannot create invoices for a date for which the cash register has already been closed.The credit invoice appears on the current cash register as a negative amount.

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