The "block customer" function makes it possible to prevent a customer from making an online booking through the booking widget of your company.

On this page you can read how to go about that.

Block a customer

You can do this via the relevant customer profile. On the left you can activate the slider to "block customer";

Next, the customer profile shows that the customer is blocked. This means that the customer can no longer schedule appointments online. This is based on the e-mail address, telephone number and IP address used.

You will also see this notification when you schedule an appointment for a blocked customer in the agenda;

Insight into blocked customers for online bookings

You can gain insight into blocked customers for online bookings in this ways.

Basically you have the option on the left in your customer base to filter the list for blocked customers:

Online appointments and blocked customers

When you block a customer, this customer can no longer schedule online appointments via your company's booking widget. This is based on one of the details below or a combination of:

  • telephone number

  • email address

  • IP address

If any of this data belongs to a blocked customer in your customer base, they will see the following message:

The block can be canceled again via the customer profile, by turning off the slider at "block customer".

Feel free to contact our support team for questions about this function.

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