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Redeeming loyalty points in the cash register
Redeeming loyalty points in the cash register

Learn how to redeem loyalty points during the checkout process.

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In the cash register you can redeem loyalty points for products and services. You do this by clicking on an item in the cash register.

A new field will appear: "Redeem loyalty points". Enter the number of points to be deducted from the total number of loyalty points for this customer.

In the green bar at the top of the checkout, where the total amount of loyalty points of the customer is shown, the amount will be adjusted immediately.

You determine how much discount customers receive in exchange for how many loyalty points. You can enter these numbers in the boxes "discount" and "redeem loyalty points".

When you proceed to checkout, you will see a summary.

Once you've completed the invoice, you will see the difference in loyalty points in the customer profile.

In this example, the customer has redeemed 10 points and received a 10% discount. Depending on the loyalty points settings that you've chosen they might even receive loyalty points again for the last paid invoice. The points will be added to their total and is also visible in their profile.

Loyalty points balance on digital invoice

After the checkout, the customer will automatically receive the loyalty points based on the settings of your loyalty points system. The customer can see the points balance on the digital invoice, which you can send after checkout.

Adding loyalty points (change) manually

It is also possible to manually award or redeem loyalty points to a customer. To do so, go to the customer profile of a customer and to the tab "Loyalty points".

You then provide a description and a number. Enter a positive number to add loyalty points. Enter a - in front of the number to deduct points.

Other changes to the awarding of loyalty points

The changes below apply to the following loyalty points programme:

Customers earn a point when a certain amount is spent
  • When a customer buys a gift card, loyalty points are awarded

  • When a customer buys a prepaid card, loyalty points will be awarded

  • When a customer pays with a gift card, no loyalty points will be awarded.

  • When the amount of the invoice is higher than the value of the gift card, loyalty points will only be calculated over the part that is not paid with the gift card.

  • When a client pays for a service with a prepaid card, no loyalty points will be awarded for the value of that service.

  • When you credit an invoice, loyalty points will be deducted. If the customer has earned 5 points on the invoice and you credit the entire invoice, the customer will earn -5 points. Also, if you credit a part of the invoice, only a part of the loyalty points will be credited.

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