Multiple Locations

Does your business have multiple locations? You can manage all of them in one account.

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Does your business have multiple locations? You can manage all of them in just one account.

Multi Location account

If your business has multiple locations and you would like to manage all the information in one account, you can do that with our ‘multi location’ feature.

Thanks to this feature you can manage data like your client base, vouchers, prepaid cards and products across locations.

When necessary, data is kept separated:

  • appointments are linked to a specific location

  • customers can choose a location in the online widget

  • separate product stocks for all locations

Centrally stored data:

  • client information

  • vouchers

  • prepaid cards

  • products

  • employees

  • treatments

Data stored for each location separate;

  • (online) appointments

  • invoices

  • product stock

  • financial reports

Data of which you can have an overview for every location separately or a general overview of the data for locations together:

  • calendar

  • financial report

How to activate the multi location feature

If you want to use this feature, let us know and we will activate it for you. We’re happy to help you set up your multi location account.


The price is based on the number of locations (€32,50 per location per month) and the number of employees (7,50 euro per month per employee).

For example: you have 2 locations with a total of 7 employees? This would cost you 32,50 + 25 (for two locations) + 7 (for 7 extra employees) = €110 per month. It is 6 extra employees because one employee is included.

All prices are excl. tax.

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