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Troubleshooting: Differences in (daily) revenues
Troubleshooting: Differences in (daily) revenues

Did you find a difference in your revenues that you can't explain? This article will help.

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Did you find a difference in your revenues that you can't explain? With this article, we’ll help you to find the reason for that difference.

The most common reason for a difference in revenue is :

  • The date on the invoice differs from the payment date.

In the following, we’ll explain what the reasons can be for a difference in revenue of a particular period or a single day.

  • There might be a difference between your total revenue and the sum of the payment methods.

  • This happens when you save an invoice as unpaid on e.g. 01.01. and that invoice gets paid on 01.02.

  • In this case the revenue will be registered on 01.01 but the actual payment will be registered on 01.02.

In this case, a difference occurs in both the daily revenue overviews and the monthly overview.

An example:

As you can see on the image below, an invoice has been saved for 01.01.

That invoice was saved as unpaid. The amount appears as revenue in your totals. But there's no actual payment visible yet.

As soon as the invoice is being paid on 01.02. - e.g. by debit card - you will see the payment appearing under payment method.

So the revenue is being recorded on 01.01. and the payment on 01.02.

On both days it seems like there is a difference in your balance, which isn't the case.

If you want to avoid this, it's best to save your invoices as drafts instead of as unpaid.

If you do so, you can reopen the draft via the invoices page when you need it and complete the invoice. In this case both the revenue and the payment will be registered on the same day.

On the image below you can see how to save an invoice as a draft.

Another reason for a difference on your reports page can be gift cards and prepaid cards.

Notice! Neither gift cards nor prepaid cards are being registered as revenue on the day they are being sold. That happens as soon as they're actually being used. You can see them on your reports page under prepaid cards sold and gift cards sold .

In the following you can see how this looks on the day that you sell a gift card or a prepaid card.

Revenue = € 0.00

Prepaid cards sold = € 100

VAT = € 15,97

The VAT is already being registered when selling the prepaid card. This means the VAT is not gonna be registered again when the revenue is being registered.

You know that your numbers are correct when:

On the left side -

The total revenue incl. VAT + gift cards sold + prepaid cards sold


On the right side -

All the payment methods + the total of unpaid invoices

Need help?

Would you still like to look at your reports together with one of our colleagues? Get in touch with us, having the following information at hand:

  • What is the period in question?

  • What's the amount of the difference (between revenue and payment method)?

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