Buffer in-between appointments

Create gaps between appointments by adding a buffer time.

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Buffer time in-between appointments is an amount of extra minutes that are added to the duration of the service. This can be used to "block" some extra time after completing an appointment to clean or have a break.

Fixed buffer time between appointments

You can activate a general buffer time that will be added to every appointment. You can add this via the calendar settings.

Now you can select the amount of time that is supposed to be blocked between different appointments.

When this option is turned on, the system will add internally the minutes you chose additionally to the duration of the treatment as a buffer between appointments. Please note: the customer will only see 45.

Here an example:

  • The pedicure treatment is 60 minutes.

  • You decided to set a buffer time of 15 minutes.

  • An appointment for this treatment will be added to your agenda as an appointment of 75 minutes. 60 minutes treatment + 15 minutes buffer.

  • The customer will only see 45 min

Personalised buffer time per service

You can also add a buffer per service when creating a new service. This buffer time will only be added after the specific service. This will allow you chose the services that need a buffer and also vary the buffer time.

Both options of buffer time between appointments will be added to appointments when they are being planned manually as well as when they are booked online.

Please note: if you add the general buffer time as well as the personalised per service, both will be added, resulting in double buffer time! We recommend to chose only one.


  • As soon as you activate the general option in the calendar settings, the buffer time will be added to all appointments created on the same day and to all new appointments in the future (not to the existing ones).

  • As soon as you deactivate this option, the buffer time will be deleted for all future appointments.

  • As soon as you change the buffer time (e.g. from 15 to 20 minutes), all future appointments will be updated and will get the newly set buffer time.

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