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Google Analytics - Track the booking widget
Google Analytics - Track the booking widget
In this article we'll explain how you can track the steps in the booking widget using Google Analytics
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In the Salonized booking widget, it is also possible to track every step in Google Analytics.

This allows you to see when customers click on your booking widget and where they navigate on your widget. You will be able to see how many customers make it to the different steps that shows you where customers stop in the appointment making process.

Let's take an example. Perhaps you can see there are many customers that make it to the services page, but not to the appointment section. You can then think about adding some descriptions to your services or re-arranging your service categories or services to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for.

What can you track?

The steps of the booking widget and the gift voucher widget that you can measure through Google Analytics are:

  • Location = location screen (selection of the location)

  • Services = services screen (selection of service(s))

  • Appointment = appointment details screen (employee selection, date + time)

  • Personal-info = personal information screen

  • Confirmed = see you soon screen after the booking is confirmed

For gift cards:

  • Choose-amount = choose the value on the gift card screen

  • Personal-info = personal information screen

Adding the tracking code to your widget

To set up the tracking of data through Google Analytics, you need to do the following:

1) Go to the online booking widget in Salonized

2) At the bottom of this page you will find the code for your widget

3) Copy this code and paste it somewhere where you can edit it

4) Add the following attribute to the code:


5) you need to replace the 3 dots (above) with your Google Analytics ID

6) add this piece of code to the rest of the booking widget code (no matter where)

7) Then copy the code in its entirety and add it to the footer of your website (or replace the current code you already have there for the booking widget, for this code including Google Analytics tracking).

As an example, you will get a code that looks similar to the code below. Note: this code is an example. Use your own code to add it to your website!

<div class="salonized-booking" data-company="mHip_Z0" data-color="#013447" data-language="nl" data-size="normal" data-position="right" data-tracking-id="UA-547036-2"></div><script src=""></script>
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